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Tonie Calm

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Product Details

Wind down with Calm and Tonies.

Together we bring little listeners mindfulness activities, breathwork meditations, and Sleep Stories to help them find their calm.

This Calm Creative Tonie is loaded with three meditations, activities and Sleep Stories: Blowing Candles Meditation, Body Scan Meditation and Sienna: Queen for a Night.


Blowing Candles meditation is a fun and easy breathing meditation to help young listeners shift their minds from active to calm.

The Body Scan Meditation teaches young listeners how to relax their bodies and minds.

The Sienne: Queen for a Night Sleep Story is designed to help little ones wind down for the night. The story follows a sleepy sloth named Sienna who is crowned Queen who learns that not every problem needs to be resolved before bedtime.

Pop the Calm Tonie on the Toniebox and let the calming, mindfulness bedtime journey begin.


Total run time is approximately 50 minutes.

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